Saturday, November 28, 2015

Post-Thanksgiving Update

First - We hope that all of you enjoyed a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday with whomever you were with for the day. We know that our families did. However, the joy and happiness of the holiday weekend were marred by the tragic shooting in Colorado Springs yesterday, with the deaths of UCCS Police Officer Garrett Swasey and two additional citizens, as well as the wounding of several other officers and civilians. We pray for those lost and hope for swift and full recoveries

Whether it's here in the U.S. or far abroad, we cannot let ourselves become immune to violence such as this. If we do, we will lose our sense of humanity and will devolve into a lawless and chaotic void, where hope is only a chance and the deaths of all of these innocent people will be in vain. And we cannot let that happen.

On a happier note, our Los Angeles-based partner sent us some excellent news on Wednesday evening, even apologizing to us for not saving until what we call, "Good News Thursdays." It seems that a producer friend of his with whom he had worked on a major Fox program was in touch to refer him to another producer who asked for our partner by name, for a new project.

As it turns out, this producer who asked for him, is a partner in a new "venture" production company. "Venture" production? Most of us have heard of "venture capital," right? Well, one of the aims of this new production company is to open the doors to new writers and producers, those with little and/or no experience, to see what they (sic. "we") can offer. They feel that many good writers with excellent film and program ideas are shut-out of the process because they don't have any connections in the business. In plain English, that's "us!" Luckily, that had a quick chat and he has a meeting set up with her in a week or so.  

On top of that, last week I spoke with a long-time friend who is a major music composer in L.A. for film and television. We've known each other for over thirty years. I reached out to him to see if he might be interested in helping us with the project. After catching up since our last chat over a year ago, he jumped in with both feet, as they say. However, beyond helping us out with the music for the show, he also has two very involved production-industry friends and asked our permission to allow him to present the show info to them! Now that's what you call a friend!

JUST HOLD YOU'RE HORSES! Those of you who read this blog on a regular or semi-regular basis, may know that this time of the year is the worst time to talk with people in the entertainment industry/ Basically, most of them close down from the beginning of November through the beginning of January. But listen, we've waited this long...another couple of months won't kill us.

Finally, back on the positive side, it looks like we have finally found a good configuration to record our podcast in our home studio. I've found and squashed most of the nasty little electronic "bugs" that appear when you connect different computers to mixers, mics and headphones. We'll do a little more experimenting this week to tweak all of our connections. So, keep an eye out on our Twitter accounts, @DalmatProd and @Cause_Origin for the announcement of our first podcast. And, we have two great guests who have agreed to "appear."

Remember, this good news from L.A. doesn't guaranty anything. Thus, we still have to work and prepare for shooting the pilot ourselves. And for that, we need your help. If you haven't already and you want to demonstrate that you like the idea of our new TV show, "CAUSE & ORIGIN," please send us a Facebook Message or Twitter Direct Message or an email to, wit the word, "YES!" If you already have, please pass the word on to all your followers!!! We need those numbers!

Stay Safe and Remember  - EVERY ONE GOES HOME!

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