Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bringing a Balance to Life

Each day, our lives pull us in almost countless directions. Work - Family - Home - Hobbies - Community. This one is urgent!! This one isn't. I have to do this! We have to do that. Did you get this done? Did you get that done? Even if we had the same eight arms as an octopus, we'd still probably need to take the old, proverbial broom stick and shove it where "the sun don't shine," to finish sweeping the floor!

We are finding this out almost each day in trying to produce our show, "Cause & Origin." This has to be researched...that has to be sent out. "You have to call this person before noon,"...and don't forget to email that person. 

Yet, there is one, very time-consuming part of the job for our team that, although it takes a good deal more time than we expected, we really enjoy. And that's chatting with many of you on Twitter. With over 900 followers now between both accounts, there are some great discussions and ideas that we share. Plus, meeting many of you, even if only via Twitter, has been a terrific experience and we have learned a great deal.

Yet, even on Twitter, balance is needed, we found. When we decided to really develop a presence, we figured that the fastest way to "grow" our account would be to follow as many people who shared the concept of the fire-service. It didn't take too long before we had grown our Following list to several hundred and our Followers list to a couple of dozen. Out of balance? Definitely. 

We kept growing that way, off-balance, until we hit out first 2,000 BLOCK!!! That's right, we had a couple of hundred following us, but we had already racked up nearly 2,000 that we were following. When that happened, we learned how to strip down the numbers a bit here and there and try to balance ourselves. We've been doing a decent job of it with only a few bumps along the way.

However, with over 900, we had to make a difficult decision and that was to create a better balance to our account. We made attempts to invite as many of those that we were following to follow us. We met with some success, but not a great deal. As you know, we're now seeking your assistance to help us grow our followers, we had to decide to "trim the fat," so to speak. 

Thus, as we encounter tweets from Twitter folks who have not returned the favor, we have had to unfollow them. And it's a shame that we have to do this. We'd love to be able to keep every single one, but as we wrote in an earlier post, "Communication is a two-way street."

Remember though, we'd be very, very happy to welcome as many more followers as want to join us and help us get this show on the air. We are getting closer to our next level of production work and will keep you all advised of the progress. 

As always, thank you for your interest, loyalty and friendship. Don't forget - We're doing this for you!

Stay Safe & Every One Goes Home!

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