Thursday, May 7, 2015

Good News From Los Angeles/Hollywood

For a while last night, I was concerned that we would reach today, Thursday, without hearing any news from L.A. in the last three weeks. However, a humorous email I sent to my partner not only brought about a quick phone call, but very exciting news as well.

First, I give you my "pinky swear" that I'm not trying to drag this entire experience out. Believe me, nothing would make me happier than to sit down and write the blog post that our new show about the fire service was picked up, has a big name star and will be on in the Fall of 2016. But sadly, I cant. At least, not yet.

As we've mentioned before and as I'm sure many of you know, the TV business is highly secretive and extremely litigious! One wrong breath and you're slapped with a lawsuit for $10 million! Thus, I'm trying to keep the interest up and stay within the legal parameters of our dealings so that it won't go up in smoke. Oops, sorry for the pun. It really was unintended.

OK, so Jesse called last night only a short time after finishing a conversation with his producer friend. They had just received word that the production company connected with one of the most popular stars of both TV and film, is interested in Jesse's project for a feature film of a great police story that also has never been done in film or television.

"Wait!" you say, "Why is it great that they want to produce Jesse's film? What about your TV show?"

When I first had heard about Jesse's friend's interest, I asked the same question. As a matter of fact, I asked that question of him again last night. The answer is quite simple. It's "connections."

Not only is Jesse working to produce the picture that a major talent agency and now this production company are interested in, he is a partner of our company, Dalmatian Productions, Inc. Because, when they like one project, they always ask, "What else do you got?" And that's where our show comes in! On top of that, his producer friend already loves our story for the TV show about the fire service! Now, add into the mix this news he received yesterday, it's all good for us. 

I promise you this. As soon as we're cleared to release any particulars, you'll find them here in this blog.

Stay safe and remember, Every One Goes Home!