Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Steps to Help Get "CAUSE & ORIGIN" On Amazon!

This is the procedure to get to Amazon Studios to help promote "CAUSE & ORIGIN" as a TV show through Amazon:
(p.s. If you don't have an Amazon ID, you can register for one absolutely free on the Studios' home page! Thanks)

Here’s how to get to the site:

  1. Click on this address:
  2. Log in using your normal Amazon account credentials.
  3. Click on the “magnifying glass” icon on the top right corner of the page.
  4. When the search box opens, type in, “Cause & Origin”
  5. It will appear in the search box as, “Cause & Origin” Steven’s Project – SELECT THAT!
  6. It will bring you to our (my) page. Scroll down and you’ll find the “Creative Notes” and the “Logline,” which is a brief description.
  7. To read the script, click on the initials, “PDF” next to a blue & white button that says, “ADD COVER IMAGE.”
  8. When you’re done, it will bring you back to the main page and you can vote the number of stars and leave comments. You can also choose to follow our developments by clicking on the “Follow” icon.
  9. Thank You Very Much!

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