Saturday, January 9, 2016

"Making Peanuts the New Normal"

Welcome back and we hope you and yours celebrated a wonderful and safe holiday season.
If you're a gadget or electronics guru, then you know this was the "week of wonder" at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. All type of new and innovative gadgets were on display, from smart watches to a drone large enough to actually fly one person (up to 275 lbs, I think) on pre-programmed flight! Delivering my Amazon order is one thing, but I'm not sure I want the person who processed my order to arrive with it!

However, the CES also marks another important time. This week is when business in Hollywood will start returning to normal. Though, we'll still have to wait until Monday as everyone is too concerned with Sunday night's "Golden Globes Awards" show to think of mundane business.

The beginning of the new year should be a bright signal to all of us to look to ourselves and what we can and will do to make this new year better than the past one. As I titled this post, "Nothing is the new normal!" Too many people are satisfied with what was, whether it was good, bad or somewhere in between. They postulate, "If it was good enough for me last year, it should be good enough for me now!" Now, where would be at this moment, if everyone held that same thought?

I for one, do not believe it's true. While it's true that there are many factors within our various environments that we cannot control, there are still plenty that we can. And the very first one starts with ourselves. 

We must ask our self, "What can I do, see, learn, experience, etc. that will help me improve my life? Do I need to do it at home? At work? Socially?" My view it is all of the above.

Just because we graduated high school, college, graduate school, accreditation for this or that, it does not mean that we have stopped learning or that we can afford to stop learning. We must strive to learn every day. We must strive to be a better person every day. We must strive to reach out and help someone every day. We must strive to be a better father, mother, spouse, son, daughter, etc. 

If we do not do this we become stagnant and stale like moldy old bread and what good is moldy old bread? 

So, take a look in the mirror and ask the person you see what he/she suggests as a starting point to improving you and your life and the lives of those around you. And remember one very important fact - the person in the mirror never lies!

Now, back to show business - What I've written above applies to show business as well. If you read any sort of decent TV magazine, i.e. "TVGuide," you'll see a roster of many of the new shows that are coming on, during what's called, "mid-season." That's right about now, where they plug in new shows to replace the ones from this past Fall that failed in ratings. You will be amazed at the crap that networks are planning to out on the air. And that is why we at Dalmatian Productions, Inc. and Cause and Origin Productions, LLC, are working so hard to bring our show to television. But it is a very hard row to hoe! It's not about what you know, rather it's about who you know. You can have the greatest idea for a new TV show, but if you don't have a connection to get it in front of the right person, it will remain just that, an idea.

With Hollywood getting back to business this week, so are we. We are pulling out all the stops, favors, etc. to get "Cause & Origin" in front of the right people. We are very fortunate to see our Twitter accounts soaring, with almost 1,200 followers @DalmatProd and over 300 @CAUSE_ORIGIN. But that doesn't mean we have enough. We don't! As a matter of fact, we're not even close!

We need to generate thousands, even tens of thousands of followers on Twitter. Hollywood is all about numbers. For example, advertisers' prime interest in TV viewers are men and women, ages 18-49, in general. Networks want to have an idea that a new show will attract millions of viewers before they have ever created a pilot! Here's an example:

Several years ago there was an excellent TV show called, "Jericho." It did very well in the ratings for about three years and then the network decided to cancel it. The millions of fans didn't like that idea. So they (and yes, I was one too!) started an online campaign to convince the network to keep the show on, at least long enough to tie up the loose ends of story lines. In one script, the concept of peanuts came up to signify displeasure. With that, fans of the show purchased and shipped to the networks head office in New York City, thousands upon thousands of pounds of peanuts! Each day, multiple shipments of peanuts arrived via the Post Office, UPS, FedEx, couriers, etc. Finally, the network caved and produced an additional seven episodes to close the show.

That's what we need!! NO...NO...Not peanuts! We need that type of support to help us get this show in front of a network, any network from NBC to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. And that will be generated by increasing our Twitter numbers. We are so blessed that so many fire and rescue departments have followed us. We are also blessed that so many of our career brothers and sisters who belong to a local IAFF lodge, support us. So what's the problem? Each lodge or each department only counts as ONE follower. What we need is every member of the lodge, every member of the department who uses social media, needs to add their voice to support our show. So please, pass the word around. Tell your co-workers about the show. Tell your friends about the show. Ask them to follow us on Twitter, or find us on Facebook (Dalmatian Productions, Inc) and leave a comment. They can also send us an email to

We want to be inundated with Followers the way that network was flooded with peanuts! 

Finally, we close with a solemn salute to our 85 brothers and sisters who answered their final alarm in 2015. They paid the ultimate price to serve their friends, neighbors and communities. We pray that the souls will be bound up in the Bond of Life and that the memories of the love for their families and their dedication to their department will serve as a blessing to all who knew and loved them. May they rest in Peace.

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