Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Little Snowball Keeps Rolling and Growing and Growing....

We are very happy with all of you who are logging on to the Amazon Studios website and logging in to read the details, write comments and rate the show on the 5-Star system. Just want to add a couple of important points:

1. When you log in and reach our page, "CAUSE & ORIGIN," please select, "FOLLOW," that will keep you updated on our progress. PLUS, Amazon uses the number of Followers in the consideration of the project.

2. Please don't forget to RATE THE SHOW using the 5-STAR system on the page!!

3. Please pass on the story, my email, the instructions to all of your social media contacts, family, friends, etc. 

4. If you're a "Brother/Sister" of the fire-rescue service, EMT, Paramedic or LEO, please, please share this with your crew, partners, station, department, etc. We need THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of Followers and comments to sway Amazon!

5. Thank you so very much. May you be blessed with good health, prosperity and safety.

p.s. Did you know you can follow us here, too? Just select "Follow" after you read a post!

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