Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Heh Coach-Please let me still play??

7/08/2011 - Just two days after the 265th celebration of this great country's bid for independence from under British rule, the facts and figures are still rolling in regarding the number of injuries, both light and severe, as well as any possoble deaths, from this year's displays, about forty-eight hours ago.

The averages in years past have fluctuated between 1,800 - 2,100 injuries reported, beginning with light, superficial burns to fingers and hands, all the way to the partial or total loss of eyesight, as well as partial and/or complete avulsions (sic, loss of...) fingers, hands, noses, and eyes, plus the accompanying partial or full hearing loss.

The problem we face in tracking down the true numbers and details, is that many villages, town, cities, and states, are often slow to characterize these injuries in their official report. And this reticence to provide accurate figures, comes on the heals of some of the strongest and well-funded campaigns to encourage citizens to use only those devices that meet the legal statutes of the community or state.

Yet in some communities where these efforts are undertaken, one might be able to visit any road-side tent or table selling fireworks, and find every manner of fireworks specifically excluded from the legalities of the state. In a community very close to where I reside in South Florida, the crowds before the 4th of July fill the parking lots, neighbors' lawns, and almost any other type of parking space, where buyers anxiously push through lines to get their 4 completely full shopping carts, which are full of all manner of illegal firewords, to the register. Outside the very same store, management has hired half a dozen county sheriffs'deputies to direct traffic around the busy shops. Meanwhile, there are deputies inside, to help keep the crowds orderly.

And here's the rub that spoils the party. In order to purchase all of the fireworks that are normally banned (i.e. any that emit sparks or shoots fiery balls into the air, or launches any burning piece into the air, the buyer must attest by signing an affadavit, and swearing that the aforementioned illegal aerial fireworks will be used to frighten birds away from rock quarries, sand pits, and other construction sites.Virtually, every affiant is taking a false oath and lying. He knows that and the shop's proprieter knows that. And do you know what? Almost all the cops who are working at the store and earning overtime pay, they know that affadavits are all false. So, if that's the case, what to they do?

They get in line to buy those same illegal fireworks for themselves, families, and neighbors.

Happy 4th All