Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Technology - New Followers - Good News!

Welcome -

Right from the top, we want to welcome all the new Followers on Twitter, who have joined us at both of our ID's, @DalmatProd and @Cause_Origin. The numbers are climbing, but relatively slowly. But that's OK, most accounts that look for "overnight" 10,000 followers are all too often, disappointed. As long as we have steady growth, we will always keep our spirits up. 

Now that does not mean that we no longer need your help. We do! We still ask for your help, simply by telling your followers about us and about our show, "Cause & Origin." Then, ask them to tell their followers and if we keep this growing, we will reach the levels that we will need. And all of that will be thanks to you!

Additionally, we have created an Instagram account and made our first post there under our name, Dalmatian Productions. We'll start posting there on a regular basis very soon. So if you're an Instagram member, give us a look. 

Right now, all our plans are moving ahead. We taking all the steps in a specific order that will take us to our next level. Please remember, we are relatively new to this. Thus, there is a learning curve for all of us. But we are proceeding. 

Please - Continue to support us simply by referring your followers to us! It's an immense help for us!

Remember - Stay Safe!!! And Every One Goes Home! 

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