Thursday, March 2, 2017

New For Us - New for you - Let's Do This Together

We have been creating these podcasts only since last November. Yet, we have been very lucky to have had some excellent guests who have shared their passion for one aspect of this job or another. And we are very grateful to them for having done so.

If you have followed some of our "tweets" on Twitter from @Dalmatprod, and/or rerad some of our messages here in the Blog, you know that there are two areas we are dedicated to: leadership and premature LODD's due to preventable health issues. Well friends, we're adding a third area as of today - the immediate reduction of firefighter cancer incidences.

Earlier this week, we interviewed a new guest, Bill Banks of Fire-Tec in Margate FL. he was a Ft. Lauderdale firefighter for over 20 years and retired a few years ago as a battalion chief.We had a great interview and even though we had previously said we were going to release a new "5-Alarm Task Force" podcast every other Monday, we're going to work our butts of to get Bill's interview on the air by this Monday.

We didn't find Bill on our own. A couple of months ago, we had a new follower, Cindi Ell, who is the president of the International Firefighter Cancer Network. Their goal? "Working to Extinguish Firefighter Cancer Throughout the World" We also were followed by the people behind the new, "Cool Towel." And they told us about Cindy and her work and Bill and his work.

Now to many of us, when we think of firefighter cancer, we immediately look back at the terrible tragedy of 9|11 and the brave men and women who worked that pile, day in and day out. We now know that many of them contracted all different types of cancer and other afflictions, all due to their selfless efforts. However, that assumption would be incorrect. Here's a cold hard fact for you: The cancer rate in the U.S. general populace is 22%. The cancer rate among U.S. firefighters is 68%!!! 

So, in the next few weeks, look for our interview with Bill Banks, Cindy Ell and the team from "Cool Towel."

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