Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"5-Alarm Task Force" Featuring Chief Dennis Rubin Now Posted

If you've listened to the first couple of shows, you'll note that I kind of have a "bee in my bonnet" are two key issues facing the fire service today:
1. Health issues that are ignored
2. Leadership

Though I've been out of active service for over thirty years, the fire service has been and will always be, in my heart. I care too much about it not to do what I can to stir the pot, so to speak, to get others' attention.

When Chief Rubin accepted our invitation be be a guest, he asked me what topics I was interested in. I thought a moment and felt that I'd lead off with an important aspect of being a chief and that would be leadership. 

Chief Rubin laughed and said he was very pleased I chose it, as it is one of his favorites as well. He then sent me his bio and I could clearly see why. Beside his latest textbook, "It's Always About Leadership,"  (which is just now available), his other books and almost his entire career are all about leadership.

I realize that we live in a very different society these days. I refer to it as the "ME Society;" where almost every person believes that the world was created for and revolves about him/her. You know, the ones who will always bust a red light, because it's "them," and wherever "they" go is more important than anyone else. Or the one who cuts in front of you at the supermarket's "!0 Items or Less" register with 2 1/2 dozen items. and turns to you and says., "I just have to go ahead of you! I have to be someplace that's very important," as they look down their nose at you with a loaf of bread, a box of diapers, and a carton of milk! Is this the type of leader we would want?

Luckily, Chief Rubin does not see the "Me" group in our fire service these days. He sees many young men and women who are willing to do all that is necessary to be a firefighter in their communities; ready to protect lives and property. And from this group and the group before them, we are seeing firefighters who have the guts and fortitude, as well as the willingness and dedication to learn, that it will take to become a line officer or higher, in the fire service. Chief Rubin both explains to us and guides us on this journey that results in a strong and capable leader. You can take that same journey as you listen to Chief Rubin explain why, "It's Always About Leadership!"
5-Alarm Task Force 

From all of us at Dalmatian Productions, Inc., Cause & Origin, LLC, and 5-Alarm Task Force,we wish you a joyous Holiday Season and a Happy, Healthy & Safe New Year!

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