Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Are We Ready???

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Well, are we? Are we, America's first responders, ready to face a multi-faceted terrorist attack as occurred in Brussels today? Are we ready for an attack like we experienced in Oklahoma City? Are we ready for an attack of the 9|11 ilk? How is the Lord's name do we even attempt to answer any of these questions? As I write this, NBC News is stating that authorities are warning that today's attacks are just the first of a coming wave of terrorist acts against the civilized world.

Personally, I'm able to bring an even closer experience, from the school year I spent in Israel in 1975-1976, when Arab terrorists began their assault on innocent citizens in the City of Jerusalem and other areas. Not only that, while volunteering on the Israeli version of "Neighborhood Watch," my partner and I actually came across suspects waiting to possibly attack the King David Hotel. We reported their vehicle to the Border Police and were involved in a chase. They got away. That time.

However, to make a significant change, we must change the pronoun from "we" to "us." This is not a Belgian problem! It is not an Israeli problem! It is not even a U.S. problem! This terrorist group is a threat to every civilized country in the world. Anyone, no matter your citizenship, your faith or the color of your skin, is at risk. Your safety is at risk, your thought processes are at risk, everything that you believe in is at risk.

President Reagan once made an interesting comment to both the Russian Premier and the United Nations. He postulated that if our planet was attacked by some malevolent alien force, how we would quickly put aside all our differences and unite to fight the enemy to save the human race. (Of course, that was LONG before the movie, "Independence Day!")

But think of what his message means. Is that not similar to what is happening to us now. Are we not under attack by an outside group who believe they have the right to dictate the law of every land, as they see it and death to all those who disagree?

It is time that we face the truth of what is happening in the civilized world. We must come together to preserve the choices we are privileged to enjoy, that we can agree to disagree and use no weapon greater than words of disagreement. For if we do not, we will be looking over our shoulders, every day, every where we go. Is that what are lives should be about?


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