Friday, October 16, 2015

It's a Long, Slow Road to TV Prime Time!

Sometimes, it's just damn depressing! It really is. Even though you might think that after working some 20 years to make this dream happen, we'd be used to the lag time, when things just slow to a crawl. Think of it this way, you have a bunch of really good calls in a row. Each one requires the best from every participant and the calls are almost all different. First you have a complex, confined-space rescue, then just a couple of hours later, you have a working fire in that huge building that you always knew was going to beat you down to a pulp. On both sides of those, you have non-stop EMS calls, a few routine, then you have a difficult delivery, a full-arrest, and a poisoning of a child. All this in just one tour.

Now, you go nearly a week with nothing worse than an ingrown toenail, an elderly resident who simply forgot where he parked his car and the proverbial, cat up a tree. 
"What the hell happened to all that action we had just a couple of days ago," you wonder. Those are the responses you live for!

NOW,  you have an idea of what we're going through. Initially, we thought this week was going to be a big one for us. However, those damn circumstances that you never think about or prepare for, or expect, show up. And with that, molasses is moving across the floor faster than our developments!

We started the week with an excellent conference call. Almost all of our company meetings are conducted via conference call as we're spread out around the county with two members in different parts of Florida, one in Wilmington DE and one in Los Angeles. We decided to continue our discussions with one of the major crowdfunding platforms and to secure domain names for the new show. So we can share that the new domain will be We'll be initializing new email addresses and a new Twitter name this coming week.

That stuff was the "fun" part of our meeting. Then came the section where we have to act like grownups and take care of business. There's a new corporation to form, what type is should be, how to capitalize the new corporation, etc., etc. etc. BORING!! But, it does have to be done. And that's done in between all the really important stuff we do in our lives, like work, teach, household errands, yada, yada, yada. See what I mean? Aren't you enthralled?

Now that's not to say that there isn't some good news. As of a few moments ago (1708 HRS EDT) we have 724 Followers on Twitter. It's a great number, a really great number. Unfortunately, it's nowhere near enough! Why? Look at the numbers:
  • There are approximately 1.2 million firefighters in the U.S. (including career, volunteer, combo and on-call)
  • For our crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to shoot the pilot and provide the networks with a great show that they will fight over, we need every one of those firefighters to donate $1.00 each! Right - like that's ever going to happen.
  • So, we need to reach as many fire-rescue personnel, plus other first responders from all "branches," i.e. LEO's, EMS, Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. and ask them to contribute whatever they can.
  • On top of that, we need to reach each of the great periodicals that service our industry and convince them to pick up an editorial story about our goal to produce this show.
  • On top of that, we need to reach as many companies and other businesses whose prime customers are those of us in fire-rescue, EMS, law enforcement, and convince them to be promotional sponsors of the show.
And how is all that going to happen? That's the Million Dollar Question! (sorry for the pun!)

Listen, we deeply appreciate everyone of you who have contacted us via Twitter or email and want to support us. However, we do not want to ask you for money yet. What we do desperately need you to do is simple and free: please pass on our information to everyone you know in the "business." If you work for one of the magazines, tell them about us. We'd be happy to talk to them about it. And if you work for one of the companies that service our businesses, let them know about us too! Just provide them with our Twitter handle (@DalmatProd) or our web site,, and they can email us for more details. We will write, call, talk and even visit any company that would like to work with us to make this dream, this dream of all of us, come true. 

No, it's not easy. Yet, we have all learned that nothing that is worthwhile in life, ever is. But this is something the fire-rescue personnel, all first responders, deserve. A good, accurate television program about the fire service that will show the viewers what our lives are all about. Who we are and what we do.

Any questions? No problem. Just DM us on Twitter or through the web site.

Now, Stay Safe and Remember - Every One Goes Home!

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