Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Strength That Comes From Remembering....Plus More on the Show!

This evening, my mind is still stuck on, "yesterday.." I just landed in Philadelphia. I'm here for a dual purpose. Our older daughter lives here, where she works for the Philadelphia Zoo. She also works at a synagogue in Bucks County several times a month. Several weeks ago she called with a predicament. The man who normally chants the service (cantor) had been ill and had undergone surgery. In and of itself, that isn't critical. However, they did not think he would be well enough to assist in leading the prayers for the Jewish High Holidays that begin tomorrow evening and would she be willing to lead them.

The predicament? While she can lead prayers on any Sabbath or one of the three major festivals, she did not know the melodies required for the very special holidays. "But," she explained to the Rabbi, "My father has been doing it for over forty years!" After a little negotiating, etc. I agreed and now, not only am I chanting the services, but I am doing with with my daughter! And... even better is that our younger daughter is coming in from NYC as well. We will be blessed as we celebrate together and pray that we are written and inscribed in the Book of Life for a good, healthy and prosperous year in the new Jewish year that begins this weekend, 5776.

So, yesterday was an extremely important day for many families. However, there we not looking at a joyous reunion as we are, for their reunions would only be those of them with the memories, photos, and videos of their loved ones who were lost in the attacks of 9-11. And we, we the links for those families to their loved ones. For every flag hoisted, every step climbed. every salute, we all helped to build a bridge for each of those families; a bridge that linked one generation to the next. To that end, I spent several hours, hitting, "Favorite," and "Retweet" to every tweet posted relating to 9-11. There were hundreds and eventually, I lost count. But they were there, as were we.and as we will be for every year that marks this tragedy, as long as the good Lord gives us the breath to do so! We vow as one, "Never Forget!"

 Now, a little more on the show. The other reason that I am in Philly is to attend our first meeting on Tuesday the good people from the Greater Philadelphia Office for Film and Television. We worked briefly with this office back in 1999-2000, when we were shooting the two original pilots for "America's Heroes: The Men & Women if Fire Rescue." Now, all these years later, the office is instrumental in putting us together with the Fire Commissioner Sawyer of the Philadelphia Fire Department, the Philadelphia Police Department and other city departments that will have to be pulled together to allow us to shoot a great pilot episode.

I wrote a few tweets earlier today, as people have been volunteering their assistance, and expertise, to help us with the show. I promise you, there will be a time in the not too distant future when we will call upon all of you and many, many more to help us. 

As I've mentioned earlier, we will be using a crowdfunding platform to raise funds to allow us to produce this pilot. But that is still several weeks down the road. Right now, the best help you can offer is to start talking us up to your family, friends and coworkers. Tell them about our struggle for over twenty years to bring a show to television, that tells the real stories of the men and women of fire-rescue. Ask these people to log into our Twitter account and look for @DalmatProd.Tell them about this blog at and our website at

Is that it? Nope...not by a long shot. Here comes a very crucial area. We have been very, very lucky over the past few weeks, as we've watched the number of our Twitter followers to rise and rise. Not only that, but in those new followers are some of the best and brightest names in the fire service today; chiefs and officers, lecturers and instructors, and many more. 

Even though we will launch a crowdfunding campaign, we believe that the money needs to come from more than just Mr. & Mrs. John Smith. There are many, many commercial companies who manufacture and sell important products to the fire service. From apparatus to nozzle tips; from steel-toed rubber boots to AFFF. We wish to offer these companies the 
opportunity to become commercial supporters of the pilot, for which they will receive promotional consideration of various types. We do not have the entire program locked down yet, but we will soon. What is important that those of you who work wit these companies or have an excellent purchasing program with them educate them about our show and get them interest in playing an active part in its development.

Yes, there's still a lot of work for us to do. However, we are in the best position we ever have been to make something happen that will shed a new, bright, "shining" light on the brave men and women of the fire-rescue services in the U.S. and Canada.

Again, many thanks for all of the support. It is deeply appreciated.

Steve Greene


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