Friday, June 5, 2015


Summer time is one of the two key times in the calendar when the big studios and productions companies shoot to release what they hope will be the next $100M-plus blockbuster movie, a la "San Andreas," which opened with a very productive $50M-plus weekend, a week ago today. All you have to do is look through the entertainment section of your local paper on any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and you'll probably find the reviews for the latest Hollywood flicks.

So, how does that play with a company like ours, which is trying to bring a new TV show about the American Fire Service to television? Oh it does! And in a big way! Unfortunately, that "way" is negatively! It slows down the entire process, review and approval process.

Both the production companies and the studios are all interested in big bucks, as any business usually is. And while television programs can rake in lots of money, i.e., "Seinfeld," "The Big Bang Theory," and "Everyone Loves Raymond," for examples, that money just cannot compare with the cash flow that comes with a successful motion picture.

While it's true that many of the original "movies-only" studios have ventured into the television market, let's be honest, they know where the big money comes from. And that's where we are at the moment.

Latest word from our partner in L.A. (who's actually filming a "sizzle-reel" (sic, preview reel) for a new, combined reality-recreated drama show in AZ) says that the production company that's very interested in both his movie and our show, is tremendously busy right now sending the cast of a big summer movie on their promotional tour. Though I cannot name the company or the movie, I would place a healthy bet that you have seen one or more of these stars on almost every talk show you watch!

Remember when you were a kid and use to grab the magnifying glass to take it outside on a sunny day, focus the beam on a leaf and watch it smoke and perhaps, erupt inn flames? The studios' focus on these movies is 100-times more intense! Right now, they couldn't care less if we had the next "NYPD" or "L.A. Law" or not.

However, the news isn't all bad. And that's due to the fact that this intense focus dissipates relatively quickly and when it does, the companies have to get right back in the business of looking at excellent ideas for new TV shows or movies. Luckily, between our partner with his business and the fact that's he's also with us, this one company already knows what we have and they like them both; a lot!

Thus, we have to remain patient. That's probably one of the most important words we've learned in this business. We just have to be patient. All of us will.

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