Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Surprise Turn - Who Knew?

It's been quite a while in our endeavor to bring a TV show about fire-rescue to television. We've received many promises that dissolved into the air. We've had a nearly carbon-copy of one of our shows aired by a famous national and international network. There has been a lot of disappointment and very little joy. 

That path took a somewhat better turn this afternoon when our partner, Jesse, based in Los Angeles, called me. When I answered the phone, he told me that he was calling because it was his birthday and he wanted me to enjoy it as much as he would. As much as he would? "What gives?" I asked.

He laughed and then told me that his friend, an independent producer and actor had just called him to tell him that he had just finished the first 10 pages of the script and loved it! He said it was great and loved our lead character, a firefighter and the complexities of his life. He said that after reading just those 10 page, he knew that no one had ever done a show like ours. And he wanted to change that fact and get our show produced.

He then informed Jesse that when he finished their call, he was going to finish reading the script, then call his management group to set up a meeting to discuss taking the the steps necessary to move this project along.  

Was I excited? Nah, no big deal! ARE YOU NUTS???!!! Of course I was. Who wouldn't be after pouring over 20 years into a project to bring the story of America's Bravest to the TV audience.

That's it for now. Be well and please keep our efforts in your hearts.

We'll do the rest.

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