Friday, February 20, 2015

Here's the Dish...OK, Maybe It's the First Course!

First, our thanks to those of you who follow us on Twitter and then come over here to read the latest installment.

Next, I've decided to provide you with a little more knowledge of what our new project is, without opening ourselves to someone stealing our idea, script, etc.

As I've mentioned in the recent posts, we have been dedicated to bring a television program to the masses that would truly represent the fire-rescue service, without insinuating drug use, infidelity, child beating, spousal abuse, etc. This was all well and good for the first ten or so years that we were concentrating on producing a "reality" show. No matter the angle we used, not a single broadcast or cable/satellite network showed any interest when, at the same time, they were putting on show-after-show that dealt with some form of law enforcement. In just the past few years, they have gone so far as to create programs which show people purposely breaking the law so that LEO's have a reason to hunt or track them down, all for "good TV."

Now, I don't have any problem with our brethren in blue being featured on TV shows. As a matter of fact, after both the bad and sad press they have received over the last year or so, these shows demonstrate the highest professional qualities of 99% of America's finest. My question is, why do all these shows have to come at the expense of just one or two shows about those who dedicate their lives to fire-rescue? Are we not entitled to the same positive exposure that law enforcement receives?

Toward that goal, we have created a new, one-hour drama about a multi-generational firefighter from a large, metropolitan city, who faces severe adversity in both his life and career. Nevertheless, all he is concerned with is his family and his job. There are challenges at every turn, yet he never waivers in his dedication. This show focuses on his ability to remain focused on his goals, until a new door opens for him that leads him to a mystery he had never considered.

That's it in a nutshell. The only other details I can share is that we have already reached a tentative agreement with both the city and its fire department who have agreed to participate in the show.

We ask you to please remember that none of the four partners in Dalmatian Productions is a big Hollywood mogul, producer, etc. Three of us have been snot-nosed, belly-crawling, nozzle jockeys. Our fourth partner has been involved in public safety.

Though this show, if it comes about, will be a fictional drama, we are dedicated to have it represent the department, its municipality and fire-rescue as a whole, in as positive a light as possible.

We help you will support our cause. We are not looking for money! We are looking for your interest. How can you help? Leave a comment here or let us know on Twitter @DalmatProd.


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