Monday, January 12, 2015

One Week Down...But a Lot More to Come

Well, the first (productive) week of the new year is finished. Regarding our new show about the fire service, nothing has changed; still no word from the TV studios and production companies.

However, I decided that if we are, hopefully, going to need your help to get this show on TV, then you need to know more about us and see us more frequently. To that end, I've beefed up our presence on Twitter and it has been a great week. Our Twitter follows' presence increased many-fold, as we jumped from 9 to 93 since last Sunday! We had really hoped to reach 100 followers by today. As you can see, we fell short by seven. That's not a big deal though. We've been honored by the many "favorites" and "re-Tweets" we have received, and to that, we say, "Thank you."

As many of you may know, Hollywood is a fickle place and a place where lawsuits fly back and forth, faster than some of the best drivers from NASCAR on opening day at Daytona Beach! And due that idiosyncrasy, we are unable to announce too many details about our new show. But here are a few:
  • The show is not, for the most part, about life in the firehouse.
  • The focus of our show is on integral and very important division within the hierarchy of the department. Though the public rarely sees this division in their local departments, our research and conversations with the "host city" and the fire department in that city, have demonstrated the tremendous work this division does 24/7 in this wonderful city in the Northeast.
  • We have quite a cast of characters you'll meet, and just like anyone does when they watch a good show, they try to identify their favorite and attempt to follow their "STAR's" throughout the time the show airs.
  • Too many words here in a description and a smart young lady or young man may know what this show is all about AND what else is coming up. And that, my friends, would be no different than handing the keys and alarm code to a 16 year old neighbor and tell he could take anything that he/she liked.
  • If that happens, then they will start popping up trying to sell their own pitch and declaring we had nothing to do with it,
    • This happened once back in 2000, We had demonstrated the pilot episode at a large television industry conference.
    • We had a booth decorated to look like a firehouse, with a brass (painted) pole, rolls of hose, axes, irons, chains etc. Oh, and a Code 3 MX7000 at the top of the booth.
    • We were approached by a major cable/satellite network who watched our preview tape numerous times and requested us to send several additional copies to their corporate office. Which we did when we arrived home.
    • We never heard back from the network. Yet, six months later, that network had a fire-rescue reality show on the air which duplicated the majority of our show to the point where we had to retain legal counsel.
    • To avoid a lengthy and expensive lawsuit, the network was willing to settle. All we asked for is that the their show could have one more airing and then must be withdrawn from broadcast. We did not ask for a penny.
  • Our new show is a drama. At the same time, it has great fire service humor and a lot to say about the lifestyle that's forced upon us when we decide to become firefighters.
  • If it is picked up, we want to make sure that the overall themes, SOPs, and reality of working in the fire service remain true to our chosen profession/avocation.
As soon as we can, we'll release more details. And, we'll let you know when and if we'll need your assistance.

Until next time, let's make sure that Everyone Goes Home.


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